Transcending Evolution.

How crazy it is, to be sitting here typing these words. Pondering the nature and purpose of this reality. To imagine that through half a billion years of chemical collisions without any guiding hand or purpose, life arose. And then through an accumulation of 3 billion years worth of write errors, consciousness followed.

And now we have a creature, capable of developing from a single cell through programmed divisions. Divisions guided by a string of code equivalent to 857 megabytes, That is all it takes to encode a human being with the capability to self-realize. A million monkeys typing on keyboards and by chance we not only got Shakespeare. We got a creature capable of questioning it’s very existence. And then, going one step further and seeking to improve it.

How insane it is to be alive at this point in life’s evolution. When a product of evolution now has the means to transcend the process that created it. To break free of the limitations inherent in evolution across generations, and evolve as individuals.